Fostering Empathy
Through Japan-Australia Interactions

JAMS.TV is a comprehensive marketing company
that connects Japan and Australia



Creating a World Full of Empathy Through Japan-Australia Interactions

Fostering exchanges of people, goods, culture, and society to cultivate a prosperous future through Japan-Australia Interactions

Founded in 2005 in Sydney, Australia, JAMS.TV PTY LTD operates as a comprehensive promotion company. Our mission is to act as a bridge between Australia and Japan. We aim to introduce the allure of Australia to Japan and similarly bring Japan's charm to Australia, fostering a closer relationship between the two nations. We are continually seeking and implementing ways to enhance this connection.

Based in Australia, our unique insights into the local trends and needs enable us to design effective PR strategies that are specific to the local context. As a Japan-based company rooted in Australia, we leverage this distinct advantage to offer specialised services. Our mission is to expand mutual understanding, diversity, and shared values through Japan-Australia exchanges, aiming to foster a widespread circle of empathy throughout society. We cherish our relationships and are dedicated to building trust incrementally, aspiring to contribute positively with everyone involved.


Japan's Inbound Tourism Consulting Service

JAMS.TV PTY LTD offers tailored Japan Inbound Tourism Consulting for the Australian market, including market research, media strategies, web marketing, and translation services. We adapt to meet each client's cross-border needs.


Australia Market Access Consultancy for Japanese Food and Alcoholic Beverages

We aim to boost the Japanese product market and enhance inbound tourism by increasing Australian engagement with Japanese culture. For Japanese food and alcoholic beverages market entry in Australia, we offer consultation services.

Sake Trade

Support for Japanese Residents Living in Australia

Our web portal provides diverse content relevant to life in Australia, including classified ads and local news in Japanese. We offer full-service promotional solutions, from planning to production, and information distribution for businesses catering to Japanese residents in Australia.

Australia Support



Creating a World of Empathy through Japan-Australia Relations

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patronage.

My name is Tsuyoshi Endo, and as of July 1, 2022, I have assumed the position of the Director of JAMS.TV.

I would like to take this opportunity to greet all of our users as the new company representative and share my aspirations and future plans for the management of our services.

First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our users and customers who have supported JAMS.TV’s various services since our founding in 2005.

In particular, over the past two years, we have faced unprecedented challenges as societal concepts and rules have been upended, causing many industries to struggle. Our company also faced a management crisis at one point, with about 90% of our business partners being impacted. However, we persevered to fulfil our responsibilities as a local media outlet in Australia and continued to provide services diligently.

The ability of both the Japanese and Australian communities to join hands, fulfil their respective responsibilities, and overcome difficult situations without losing a single employee is due to the cooperation of our stakeholders in both countries. We are truly grateful that we can continue to provide services, develop new ones, and embark on new challenges. We appreciate your continued support.

For the past 17 years, our web service, JAMS.TV, has primarily provided information on "housing" and "job opportunities" for students and working holidaymakers travelling to Australia. We have also introduced domestic news in Australia and Japanese services, and we have grown to become an essential information infrastructure for Japanese residents in Australia, supporting their lives here.

Moreover, we have been supported by tourism-related businesses and local governments in Japan as a local PR organisation in Australia. We strive to widely convey Japan’s "tourism services" and "food" in Australia through various PR projects.

With the mission of becoming a "bridge between Australia and Japan," JAMS.TV has made significant strides through communication rooted in various cultures and regions. We take pride in our growth as a bridge connecting the two countries.

We will continue to value the harmony of the communities and societies in both Japan and Australia. Moving forward, we aim to create a world filled with empathy, using Japan-Australia relations as an exemplary model. As an information infrastructure and PR organisation, we will strive to contribute to the international community in any way we can.

It is only with the empathy generated within our company that we can provide excellent services externally, spreading that empathy further. The empathy generated outside the company has the potential to gradually expand and eventually influence society as a whole. Under this belief, we cherish the empathy within our company and the relationships with our users and customers, hoping to build trust step by step.

JAMS.TV will continue to sincerely listen to the opinions and feedback from our users, striving for further development of our business. We kindly ask for your continued support and patronage.

Managing Director Tsuyoshi Endo



Company Information

Company Name JAMS.TV PTY LTD
Company Address PO Box 909, Chatswood NSW 2057 Australia
Date of Establishment August 17, 2005
Capital A$150,000 (as of May 23, 2024)
Members of the Board Chairman Hiroshi Washiashi
Managing Director Tsuyoshi Endo
Head of Inbound Tourism Division Masanori Chiba
Head of ICT Division Sho Egawa
Business Registration ACN 115 815 551 / ABN 85 115 815 551
Affiliated Organisation Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sydney Inc.
Japanese Society of Sydney Inc.
Key domestic clients in Australia
(listed alphabetically)
H.I.S. Australia Pty Ltd
Plenus AusT PTY. LTD.
Scotts Motor Group
Sushi Train (Australia) Pty Ltd
Key domestic clients in Australia
(listed Japanese kana alphabetically)
Alpico Group
Omachi City Industry and Tourism Department Tourism Division
Otaru Tourism Association
Kamori Kanko Co.,Ltd.
Zao Onsen Tourism Association
Shiga Kogen Tourism Association
Shiga Kogen Cableway Association
Disco Corporation
Tokyu Resort Service
Nagano Convention & Visitors Bureau
Nozawa Onsen Tourism Association
HakubaValley Tourism
Furano Tourism Association
Hoshino Resorts Tomamu
Yamagata Prefecture
Yuzawa-machi Tourism Association
Universal Studios Japan
Wakuwaku Yamanouchi


2005 Established "JAMS.TV," a web portal based in Sydney that provides Japanese lifestyle information for Japanese residents in Australia.
2006 Commenced inbound tourism PR activities for the Japanese market in Australia, starting with the PR work for "Matsuri in Sydney," part of the Japan-Australia Tourism Exchange Year project.
2008 Merged with a long-established Japanese publisher, becoming a comprehensive PR company with expertise in publishing, production, PR events, and web development and operations. Began handling PR campaigns targeting Australian and international travellers for various regions in Japan.
2013 Received the contract for the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau's TCP2013 (promotion project). Conducted media and travel industry seminars and consumer events in Sydney and Melbourne.
2014 Commissioned by the Japan National Tourism Organisation Sydney office to plan and operate MICE seminars.
2015 Received a contract to support the implementation and operation of the 35th anniversary project of the sister city relationship between Nagoya and Sydney, "Nagoya Day." In the same year, also received the contract for the Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau's tourism promotion campaign.
2020 Shifted to online-focused services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Planned and conducted online travel business meetings, and executed multilingual online advertising and social media campaigns primarily in English.
2022 Planned and executed Australia's first Japanese sake festival, the "Australian Sake Festival," and the Japanese sake competition "Australian Sake Awards."
2023 Planned and executed the "Australian Sake Festival" in both Melbourne and Sydney, attracting a total of 10,000 participants across both cities.

Origin of the Company Name

The name "JAMS.TV" is an acronym derived from "Japan Australia Media Services." Our mission is to serve as a bridge between Japan and Australia, showcasing the unique attractions of both countries to a broad audience. We are committed to providing digital marketing services and comprehensive promotions that foster a prosperous future for those living in and visiting both nations.



Thank you for your interest in our services. Whether it's supporting the daily lives of residents in Australia, promoting Japan inbound tourism, or assisting with the market entry of Japanese food products and beverages in Australia, we are here to help with all your promotional needs in the Australian market.

Please contact us via the form below, and our representative will respond shortly. As a bridge between Japan and Australia, our team looks forward to the opportunity to assist you.